The Sky is High

It's just a box of pieces of a puzzle about a small circle of friends. It's about the lives, the loves, and the hopes. One by one, part by part. Hung up in the sky along with prayers. Until each of them can fly higher by itself. The Sky the Rain the Rainbow the Sun the Moon. All are talking in their own way. Carving their small footsteps in the history of time. And now each of them can really fly higher by itself, and leave this house one by one...

Once upon a time in a faraway land, a prince was looking for a princess, they met and then they lived happily ever after.

I'm not delusional,

and I'm not lying...
I just didn't mention that there's a witch, evil queen, heartbreaking episode, but I ain't lying.

But yeah maybe I just lost my sarcasm.

My sarcasm is...myself being honest

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Anonim mengatakan... 21 Mei 2012 05.50  

all the best for you, princess.

keep writing ^^

your sarcasm is YOURSELF.

once upon a time...
I loved you.


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